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FetishFoto allows you unrestricted access to the private world of Peter Felix Kurtz – the glamour and eroticism of real and authentic fetish and BDSM, in all of its guises. Members have access to full galleries of original and intimate fotographs, plus streaming videoclips with original soundtrack music by the Kingdom of Love.

The members area includes mistresses and slaves, kinky rubberist fantasies brought to life, shiny latex lesbians, clinical and medical roleplay, intense domination and humiliating submission, restrictive bondage and firm discipline, sadistic dommes and masochistic subs, rubberdolls and TVs, whiterooms and showers, dungeons and medical rooms, covering a whole spectrum of kinky fetish fantasies from soft and sensual to hardcore with sexual content.

Membership gives you access to some of the finest fetish fotography. Not just one or two images, but comprehensive galleries of high-quality fotographs.

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foto-galleries and video-clips, covering the whole kinky spectrum of fetishes, including: latex, heavy rubber, high heels, hoods, girl-on-girl, rubberdolls and TVs, mistress & slave, strapons, bondage, nurses, domination, adult schoolroom, military bunker, pantyhose, stockings, equestrian, retro, leather, BDSM, body writing, CFNM, humiliation, prisoner, sex-slave, CP, discipline.

Shooting environments include: dungeon, medical-clinic, domina-studio, military bunker, adult school-room, fotostudio, domestic interior, outdoor location, city, countryside, transport, hotel, shop, workshop, warehouse, and historic building.

We are not a multi-national corporate empire! We do what we do because we genuinely enjoy it. We do everything: arranging people to collaborate and shoot with, planning shoots, conceiving scenarios, finding locations, preparing and dressing sets, providing costumes and props, foto and video shooting, post production (video editing, image processing, foto-gallery construction), website design and maintenance, posting updates, general office tasks, accounts, and so on. It is a vast amount of work. It is not just a fulltime job, it is a 24/7 lifestyle. For us, working long hours, seven days a week is normal. Despite our almost continuously full schedule, we try to maintain our video production values and fotographic artistic quality. Hopefully, you’ll like the results as much as we enjoy producing them.

We never use agency models. Everyone we collaborate with is a genuine fetishist, either professionally or lifestyle. Our models are real, genuine, authentic players, who are all personally into fetish and BDSM. The majority of our models are friends. Yes, we know how lucky we are!

Our foto-galleries and videoclips feature famous guest Dominas, fetish models, and BDSM personalities.

Access to private BDSM and fetish video footage from original scripts suggested by our members, plus actual BDSM session footage.

Peter Felix Kurtz is a long-established and internationally renowned photographer and film-maker, specializing in stylish and provocative fetish and BDSM images and video. For more than two decades, he has worked with dominatrices, models, fashion designers, equipment manufacturers, and those who live this alternative lifestyle. His work is regularly exhibited internationally, and has been shown in galleries and exhibitions in Australia, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA. His images are sold worldwide, and frequently featured in books, magazines, catalogues, websites, and advertisements. He is the official media sponsor of London Fetish Weekend, and provides the video-wall for German Fetish Ball. Although Kurtz now spends the majority of his time shooting for his websites (particularly fetishfoto.co.uk) and his DVD series (The Fetish Files), he is still available for commercial bookings and some private commissions. Peter Felix Kurtz can be contacted via fetishfoto.co.uk or emailed using fetishfoto@hotmail.co.uk

Mistress Hannah Price is a well-published fetish-model, film-maker, and an experienced dominatrix. As a fetish model, Hannah has appeared in magazines (including Marquis, Skin Two, Massad, Secret, Heavy Rubber, KinkE, Latextra, Von Gutenberg), books (including Secret Fetish Anthology, Dominatrix), countless fetish websites, plus advertisements, catalogues, flyers (including Breathless, Fetters, Rubber 55, London Fetish Weekend). As an experienced domme, Mistress Hannah has an inexhaustible passion, wide experience, and thorough knowledge of fetish and BDSM. Mistress Hannah has worked alongside famous dommes from across the world. Members have access to galleries featuring Mistress Hannah Price, her hot bisexual girlfriends, and her worthless slaves.

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Share the erotic adventures of Mistress Hannah Price, through the experienced lens of Peter Felix Kurtz, exclusively and unexpurgated, as she demonstrates her flights of fetish fantasy and dominant desires. See Mistress Hannah punish and humiliate slaves on the slightest of whims. See Mistress Hannah in erotic hardcore lesbian fetish sex scenes with her hot girlfriends and submissive slavegirls. See Mistress Hannah cruelly use and abuse her submissive minions for her bizarre amusement. See Mistress Hannah use male and female slaves as mere toys for her perverse pleasure.